InfraGard® West Virginia Members Alliance

FBI partnership for critical infrastructure protection in West Virginia


Our vetted membership is comprised of individuals that represent organizations spanning private business, academic institutions, state and federal agencies and more.

Non-Profit Organization

InfraGard® West Virginia Members Alliance (IWVMA) is a 501(3)(c) comprised of all InfraGard® members in the state of West Virginia.

Privileged Information

Resources provided by the US intelligence community and presentations by subject matter experts providing relevant information in all critical sectors.


InfraGard® West Virginia Members Alliance Executive Committee

Rex Edward Crouser II


MacKenzie Monarko

FBI Coordinator

Brian Sloan

Vice President Treasurer

Mark D. Combs


Dr. Nancy Landreville

Executive Committee Member Energy Sector Chief, CISO Blockchain Cross Sector

Mark Sarver

Executive Committee Member

Phil Meadows

Executive Committee Member

Brad Young

Communicatons Sector Chief

Gina Houser

Financial Sector Chief

Phil Loftis

Former President and Advisor to the Board

Bill Gardner

Advisor to the Board


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